That Flash Light Phone App is DANGEROUS!

Your flashlight app is draining your battery by sending YOUR information to the cloud!






Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


How does your service work? What are your hours?
How can I connect with a technician? Are the plans unlimited?
How many computers does this cover? Can service be provided at my location?
Are other plans available? How are the plans billed?
What is the Flashlight App Problem?  


Q    What is the Flashlight App Problem?

Do you have a smart phone?  If you do, you probably have installed a "Flash Light App".  I know I did - and I use it a fair amount, too.  (Brightest Flashlight is the one I choose.)  MOST OF THESE ARE BAD APPS!  The top 10 rated flashlight apps are sending your data to their sites - basically collecting data about you, your likes and dislikes, your contacts and your location.  When you install these apps, they will tell you what all they will be accessing on your phone.  (And everyone always clicks accept.)  Why does a flashlight app need access to your GPS location or your Contacts?

Although this technology has been around for a while, it is not widely known by people that these apps are sending out your data and it should be known - that is the important part.  TechnoBiz recommends checking whatever flashlight app you have - in the Settings, Application Manager, select the flashlight app and scroll down - to see what resources it is using.  If it is using anything other than the camera or if the application is larger than 200 Kb, remove it and find another one to use.  PRIVACY FLASHLIGHT is the one we are recommending. 
Click here to view the reporting video on YouTube.com.

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Q    How does your service work?

With your paid subscription, we will connect to your computer, and tune it up as well as installing the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam / Spyware tools. After that, whenever you need a technology answer just give us a call or email. We work diligently to get the resolutions you need quickly.

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Q    What Are Your Hours of Availability?

We are available from 7 AM to 10 PM Monday - Friday and will gladly schedule any time that fits your needs.

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Q    How can I connect with a Technician?

Call us at (814) 806-3445 or email to SUPPORT@TECHNOBIZ.NET. We will guide you through anything else!

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Q    Are the plans unlimited?

No, home users have 20 hours annually available for your technical needs. These are used in quarter hour increments. This means you can call us up to 80 times per year!

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Q    How many computers does this cover?

All plans cover one computer and 2 mobile devices. Discounts for more than one computer per household.

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Q    Can service be provided at my location?

Yes, we will schedule a time to assist you with on site setup, billed at the preferred discounted rate.

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Q    Are other plans available?

Yes, we customize a plan that will provide you the best technological support - for your entire household or entire business!

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Q    How are the plans billed?

Both Gold and Platinum plans are billed annually.

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